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  XK150 Cream
 Open Two Seater Red
 Left Hand Drive Black
   Jaguar Cars New York
 830001 26 February 1958
 F15001 Chico
 4SPDNOOD California
 13 September 1957 United States
 1958 Dark Blue
 2016 Red
 Awaiting Rest. Black
 Original SF Bay Area
United StatesUnited States
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Record Creation: Entered on 26 October 2008.

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Heritage Notes

The Prototype XK150 OTS

Photos of 830001

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2008-10-27 06:58:51 | Peter Ingram writes:

Great news the First LHD 150 Roadster has been found. The limited information is correct. The only car built in September 1957 and it was January 1958 before they completed the next six ( to build up the waiting list perhaps) A splendid discovery of a significantl historic car. A pic would be welcome

2008-10-31 19:13:01 | terry mcgrath writes:

As a matter of interest where did this info come from is it from Anders new book on XK140/150?

2015-11-22 12:14:05 | John Elmgreen writes:

1991: Nov/Dec 91: News & Technical Bulletin, the Classic Jaguar Association, page 69: "Stolen car: 1958 XK150 OTS #S830001DN This British Racing Green over black roadster was stolen from Sea Bright,New Jersey. It has wire wheels and four speed w/overdrive. The owner accepted a bad cheque. Anyone with knowledge of this car is asked to contact Henry J. Englehardt, St Paul Fire & Marine, P.O. Box 203, Iselin, NJ 08830. Phone 201 494 3800."
Of course, this was from 1991 and this entry is not to suggest that the current owner does not have good title.

2015-11-24 12:59:21 | First 150 OTS writes:

Regarding the above: First, THERE IS NO SUCH CAR AS S830001DN. The prototype XK150 roadster was built by Jaguar without overdrive, so it does not, and would not, have the DN suffix to the factory issued chassis number. If there were to be a car titled as S830001DN it would be a fraud or fabrication, or a titling error on a different car. Second, S830001 has been physically located in, and titled in, the state of California since at least the late 1970s. It could not have been stolen in New Jersey in 1991. Third, S830001 has been painted dark blue since the 60s or 70s (see circa 1979 photo posted here) and still wears that same aging paint today. There is no evidence it has ever been British Racing Green. It is unfortunate, John, to have posted information that clearly was printed in error in a small club publication nearly 25 years ago, as it may be difficult to correct, but could potentially serve to undermine the veracity and provenance of an interesting historic car.

2015-11-30 03:15:59 | pauls writes:

Thanks for posting information about the car. The folks here that have actually provided their name only care about discovering facts. If you have proof please post them here, an image of the data plate and a JDHT certificate would be most welcome. With proof you will not get any arguments or dissension from here and in fact the car would be enthusiastically celebrated.

2015-11-30 11:52:07 | First 150 OTS writes:

Guys... see the Anders Clausager book, JAGUAR XK 140/150 IN DETAIL, Chapter 8, "The Prototype and Works Cars", page 170, for published proof by Jaguar's own archivist that the correct chassis number for this car is S830001. The chassis number in the 1991 CJA Bulletin ad is not a valid Jaguar issued number. It is an error, misread, or typo, pertaining to an entirely different car, yet it seems to have come back to haunt us.

2015-12-01 23:41:48 | David B writes:

In May 1957 837003 was kept by the Jaguar Experimental Department and bodied as an experimental OTS. Along with an experimental 'straight port head' and triple carburettors.
Does anyone know if this was the first OTS body ?
And the first 'S' ?

2015-12-03 10:51:32 | First 150 OTS writes:

David, S830001 has the first XK150 OTS body, F15001, and was completed in mid-september of 1957. The next LHD OTS 150s weren't built for another four or so months, with the first RHD car more than a year later. Yes, LHD drophead S837003DN was an experimental car, but it doesn't seem to have emerged from the works, in RHD form and fitted with an OTS body, until October of 1958, more than a year after S830001 was completed. I've seen no evidence that the two-seater body on that car pre-dates S830001.

2015-12-03 17:29:54 | David B writes:

The present owner tells me the history file quite clearly states and is backed up with previous correspondence from Heritage that the car was built with the first OTS body which was purely experimental and not numbered, pre dating 'production' bodies.

The car was being used in the summer of 1957 in OTS form and was subsequently used to develop the 'S' specification engine.

It was eventually sold as a 'second hand' vehicle to Mike Hawthorn at TT Garages on the 18th of December 1958.

2016-03-30 05:56:59 | S830001 writes:

Regarding the above comment by John Elmgreen referencing a 1991 Classic Jaguar Assoc. Bulletin stolen car report, please see the XKdata page for car S830010DN.

2016-04-04 13:42:16 | John Elmgreen writes:

From looking at the information now entered against chassis 830010, at last we have the explanation re the advertisement in the CJA N&TB that quoted 830001 and which I entered up under that chassis number - the CJA ad conveys essentially the same information as above (save for the chassis number). May I add my thanks for clearing this up and apologies to the owner of 830001 for the error.
May I also ad that chassis 010 was S/DN - per the ad - and that chassis 001 was S/- - i.e. not overdrive, as stated above. Further, 001 was the very first XK150 OTS chassis and the only chassis shown in factory records as "chassis completed" in the year 1957. 837003 is a bit of a mystery, it was at XK60 in 2008.

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