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New Photos rss

The following cars have had photos added in the past week (one photo of each below, click for more):

16 January 2021:

13 January 2021:

12 January 2021:

11 January 2021:

10 January 2021:

New Cars rss

These cars have been added in the past week:

picturesModelYearCar #EngineGearboxBodyBuild DateCurrent ColorConditionSeen
Sunday, 17 January 2021
picturesXK120 RHD 3.4 OTS1954 S661079W 8679-8S JL17043 F6095 27 May 1953 Black Rest: Nice 2021 United Kingdom
Saturday, 16 January 2021
picturesXK120 LHD 3.4 DHC1953 677029W7875-8 JL16442 P1030 March 1953 Silver Rest: Nice 2021 United States
Friday, 15 January 2021
picturesXK150 RHD  FHC1959 S825080DNVA1312-8 JLS45093JS J10678 25 November 1959 Carmen Red Nice Driver 2021 United Kingdom
Thursday, 14 January 2021
picturesXK140 LHD 3.4 OTS1956 A811881G5921-8 JLS32015CR F11930 November 1955 Black Nice Driver 2021 United States
picturesXK120 LHD 3.4 OTS1954 S675646F3181-8S OSL1297B F7924 24 May 1954 Bright Red Nice Driver 2021 United States
Wednesday, 13 January 2021
picturesXK120 LHD 3.4 OTS1951 671431W3382-8 JH7095 F3285  Cream Rest: Concours 2021 United States
picturesXK150 LHD  FHC1957 S834234V1286-8   5 July 1957 Cream Rest: Nice 2021 United States
picturesXK140 LHD 3.4 OTS1955 A810896DNG2450-8  F10906  Dark Blue Rest: Nice 2021 United States
picturesXK140 LHD 3.4 FHC1955 A814971G5601-8 JL32536 J5431  Primer Work In Progress 2021 United States
picturesXK140 LHD 3.4 OTS1957 S813074    Blue Rest: Nice 2021 United States
Tuesday, 12 January 2021
 XK150 RHD  FHC1960 T825305DNVAS1241-9   14 July 1960 Red  2019 United Kingdom
picturesXK120 LHD 3.4 OTS1954 S675232F2502-8 JL21876 F7510 19 March 1954 White Awaiting Rest. 2021 United States
picturesXK140 RHD 3.4 FHC1955 S804412DN   30 September 1955 Old English White Rest: Nice 2021 United Kingdom
Monday, 11 January 2021
picturesXK140 LHD 3.4 OTS1955 A810835DNG2355-8 JLE27388 F10848 26 January 1955 Suede Green Rest: Nice 2021 United States
picturesXK120 LHD 3.4 OTS1952 672176    Bright Red Rest: Nice 2021 United States
picturesXK140 LHD 3.4 OTS1957 S812877G9097-8S JL36226CR F12944  Old English White Scruffy Driver 2021 United States
Sunday, 10 January 2021
picturesXK120 LHD 3.4 OTS1950 670458W1860-8 JH3596 F1590 12 July 1950 Bright Red Rest: Concours 2021 United States
picturesXK140 LHD 3.4 OTS1956 S811900DNG6442-8S JLE33437CR F11963 5 December 1955 Imperial Maroon Rest: Nice 2021 United States
picturesXK150 LHD  OTS1958 S830254    Cream Unrestorable 2021 United States
 XK150 LHD  OTS1958 S830814DNVS1200-9 JLS40857JS F15817 27 June 1958 Pearl Grey Work In Progress 2021 Germany

Updated Cars rss

These cars have had their "dataplate" information updated in the past week:

picturesModelYearCar #EngineGearboxBodyBuild DateCurrent ColorConditionSeen
Wednesday, 13 January 2021
picturesXK120 LHD 3.4 OTS1950 670618W1325-8    Bright Red Rest: Nice 2021 Italy
picturesXK120 LHD 3.4 OTS1952 672566W5452-8 JL11754 F4562 July 1952 Red Work In Progress 2021 United Kingdom
picturesXK140 RHD 3.4 FHC1955 804381DNG5023-8 JLE32227CR J5147 5 September 1955 Carmen Red Rest: Nice 2017 United Kingdom
Sunday, 10 January 2021
picturesXK120 RHD 3.4 OTS1950 660097W1591-8 JH2853 F1386 25 May 1950 Black Work In Progress 2006 Switzerland
picturesXK120 LHD 3.4 OTS1952 S672885W6034-8S JL12807 F4911 19 September 1952 Primer Work In Progress 2017 United Kingdom
picturesXK140 LHD 3.4 OTS1954 S810185G1291-8S GSL2523B F10188 12 November 1954 Black Rest: Nice 2021 Switzerland
picturesXK120 LHD 3.4 FHC1952 679904W5644-8 JL11728 J1907 18 August 1952 Black Rest: Concours 2021 Switzerland

Comments on Cars rss

New comments added to cars on the site in the past week:

17 January 2021:

14 January 2021:

13 January 2021:

12 January 2021:

11 January 2021:

10 January 2021:

New Comments on Other Site Content

New comments added on other site content in the past week:

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New Owners

The following folks added themselves in the past week:

David M
Owns: S827253DN  

I purchased the car in 2016. The registration number when I purchased the car was 294 YUG which was allocated in 2012 after the previous owner had renovated the car. I imported the car to Guernsey and it was registered as 41262. I recently re-registered it and the number is now 14500.
The car is an original rhd DHC distributed by Henly's London. Does anyone know who the original owner was and what was the original registration number?

Updated January 16th, 2021. Not legal proof of ownership.