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New Photos rss

The following cars have had photos added in the past week (one photo of each below, click for more):

24 February 2017:

23 February 2017:

21 February 2017:


New Video

The following cars have had video added in the past week:

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New Cars rss

These cars have been added to the database in the past week:

picturesModelYearCar #EngineGearboxBodyBuild DateCurrent ColorConditionSeen
Friday, 24 February 2017
picturesXK150 RHD  FHC1959 S824878DNV6815-8 JLS43944JS J10070 27  April 1959 Cream Exc. Original 2017 Spain
Thursday, 23 February 2017
picturesXK140 RHD 3.4 DHC1955 807228   July 1955 British Racing Green  2017 Germany
picturesXK120 LHD 3.4 OTS1954 S675860     Grey Awaiting Rest. 2017 United States
Tuesday, 21 February 2017
 XK120 RHD 3.4 OTS 660336        
 XK150 LHD  FHC S836452DNVA1069-8 KLS44706JS J10489   British Racing Green Work In Progress 2017 New Zealand
 XK150 LHD  FHC1961 S847025VA216?-9     Black Awaiting Rest. 2017 United States

Updated Cars rss

These cars have had their "dataplate" information updated in the past week:

picturesModelYearCar #EngineGearboxBodyBuild DateCurrent ColorConditionSeen
Wednesday, 22 February 2017
picturesXK120 RHD 3.4 OTS1948 660001W1001-7      Work In Progress 2017 Netherlands
 XK140 RHD 3.4 OTS 800058DNG5159-8   September 1955 British Racing Green Work In Progress 2012 Australia
picturesXK140 LHD 3.4 OTS1956 813048G9450-8 JL833825CR  December 1956 Old English White Rest: Nice 2015 United States
picturesXK120 LHD 3.4 OTS1951 673092W6453-8 JL13488 F5132 October 1952 Bright Red Scruffy Driver 2017 United States
 XK140 LHD 3.4 OTS1955 S811627DNG4838-8S JLE31356 F11678 23  August 1955 Black Rest: Nice 2009 United Kingdom
picturesXK120 LHD 3.4 OTS1950 670873W2203-8 JB4259 F2102   British Racing Green Work In Progress 2017 Italy
picturesXK120 LHD 3.4 OTS1949 670004W1006-8 JH515 F1006 1  June 1949  Rest: Concours 2017 Netherlands
picturesXK150 LHD  FHC1960 T836219DNVS2004-9 JLS44021JS J10118 May 1959 Cream Rest: Nice 2017 United States
picturesXK120 RHD 3.4 OTS1951 660827W3413-7 JH5984 F3162 22  June 1951 Cream Rest: Concours 2017 Australia
 XK120 RHD 3.4 OTS 660722W2720-7   February 1951 Pastel Green Metallic  2017 Australia
picturesXK140 LHD 3.4 OTS1957 S812691G89248S JL36022CR F12759 20  July 1956 Indigo Blue Rest: Nice 2017 Switzerland
picturesXK120 LHD 3.4 FHC1953 S680514W6963-8S JL14048 J2520 17  December 1952 Black Rest: Nice 2017 Sweden

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New comments added to cars on the site this week:

25 February 2017:

24 February 2017:

23 February 2017:

22 February 2017:

21 February 2017:

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New Owners

The following folks added themselves as owners this week:

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