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New Photos rss

The following cars have had photos added in the past week (one photo of each below, click for more):

28 April 2017:

27 April 2017:

26 April 2017:

25 April 2017:

24 April 2017:


New Video

The following cars have had video added in the past week:

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New Cars rss

These cars have been added to the database in the past week:

picturesModelYearCar #EngineGearboxBodyBuild DateCurrent ColorConditionSeen
Friday, 28 April 2017
picturesXK140 LHD 3.4 OTS1954 810556     Bright Red Rest: Nice 2008 United Kingdom
picturesXK120 LHD 3.4 OTS1954 S675061     British Racing Green Rest: Nice 2017 United States
picturesXK140 LHD 3.4 DHC S818174G6306-8S JL33575CR P4488   British Racing Green Rest: Nice 2017 France
Thursday, 27 April 2017
picturesXK120 LHD 3.4 OTS1953 S671015W8710-83 JH7024 F6103   Red Rest: Nice 2017 United States
 XK140 LHD 3.4 OTS S812546  F12614   British Racing Green Rest: Nice 2017 Germany
 XK150 LHD  OTS S831367DNLB1466-8        
 XK120 LHD 3.4 FHC 679124  J1128    Awaiting Rest. 2017 
 XK150 LHD  OTS S830098V3213-8 JL3971159 F15105    Rest: Nice  United States
 XK150 LHD  DHC S838211  P7543   British Racing Green Awaiting Rest. 2017 United Kingdom
 XK150 LHD  FHC1957 S834202     Black Work In Progress 2017 United States
 XK150 LHD  DHC S837502DN      Work In Progress 2017 Netherlands
Wednesday, 26 April 2017
picturesXK150 LHD  OTS1959 T831946VS1754-9 JLS43037JS F16967 January 1959 Sherwood Green Rest: Concours 2014 United States
picturesXK140 LHD 3.4 OTS S810174G6306-8S JL33575CR P4488   British Racing Green Rest: Nice 2017 France
Monday, 24 April 2017
picturesXK120 LHD 3.4 FHC1952 679874W5540-8 JL11948 J1877   Old English White Rest: Nice 2017 United States

Updated Cars rss

These cars have had their "dataplate" information updated in the past week:

picturesModelYearCar #EngineGearboxBodyBuild DateCurrent ColorConditionSeen
Thursday, 27 April 2017
picturesXK140 LHD 3.4 OTS1956 A812085G5960-8  F12147   British Racing Green Rest: Concours 2016 Spain
 XK150 LHD  OTS1958 S830553V4090-8 M4859J F15564 29  May 1958  Awaiting Rest. 2014 United Kingdom
picturesXK150 LHD  DHC1959 S837981V 6220-8 JL43013JS P7259 December 1958 Dove Grey Awaiting Rest. 2014 Netherlands
 XK140 RHD 3.4 DHC1956 807428   June 1956   2005 Australia
picturesXK120 LHD 3.4 OTS1951 670776W 2130-8 JH4331 F2002 22  September 1950 Bronze Awaiting Rest. 2017 United States
 XK150 RHD  DHC1959 S827290DNV6397-8 JLS43343JS P7412 February 1959 Bright Red Rest: Nice 2009 United Kingdom
 XK150 LHD  OTS1956 S830388DNVS1015-9   May 1958 Ivory Work In Progress  
 XK120 RHD 3.4 OTS1951 660719   February 1951  Work In Progress 2017 New Zealand
picturesXK140 LHD 3.4 OTS1955 S811108  F11128   Pastel Blue Nice Driver 2017 France
 XK150 RHD  DHC1958 S827097     Cotswold Blue Work In Progress 2005 Belgium
 XK120 LHD 3.4 DHC1954 678252F 2703-8 JL22170 P2473 March 1954 British Racing Green Rest: Nice 2017 France
 XK150 RHD  FHC1958 S824606     Red Work In Progress 2005 United Kingdom
 XK150 LHD  OTS S831367DNLB1466-8        
 XK120 LHD 3.4 OTS1952 673100W6488-8 LJ13654 F5128   Cream Scruffy Driver 2017 United States
picturesXK150 LHD  DHC1961 S838993BWVA2185-9 JBC5230C P8644 October 1960 British Racing Green Work In Progress 2017 United States

Comments on Cars rss

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29 April 2017:

28 April 2017:

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25 April 2017:

24 April 2017:

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New Owners

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